Who are We to Judge? The Mitzvah of Judging Everyone Favorably

There is a mitzvah that requires of to Judge everyone favourably, or with justice. In Hebrew it is called "Ladun Lechaf Zechut" - judge him according to the side of merit.  But what is the true definition of the Mitzvah?

Who do we have an obligation to judge favourably?

Do we always have to seek merit in the actions we see others see?

Are there people who we don't have to find the merits in their actions? Can we truly love everyone and judge everyone favorably and turn a blind eye to corruption and wrongdoings?

Rav Micha Hyman dives into the authentic definition of achieving the balance between reserving our judgment for others, finding the good in all actions and being realistic and not turning a blind eye to corruption.

The key to achieving this balance is not to judge hastily, and reserve judgement until the facts are clarified. In other words, not to be quick to judge.

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