The Teachings of Rav. Kook: Unified Perspective in Eretz Yisrael - Part 6- 07/12/16

The Jewish people are intrinsically connected to the Land of Israel. This is a Divine establishment, and not something created by humans, i.e. not connected to whom conquers the land or who by chance happens to be inhabiting the Land of Israel. The Land was designed to be connected to Am Yisrael, to the Jewish people. The Torah is not a human source, it is Divine. The Torah defines that the nation of Israel is sanctified by His source, "אשר קדשנו במצוותיו" - Israel is connected to the Mitzvot through Hashem's direction, and therefore the Mitzvot are intrinsically suited to the makeup of the Jewish people. Hashem's Oneness is transcendent, elevated and is the source of true Oneness. The Nation of Israel was created by Hashem, and therefore is inherently one as well. Once Israel has a connection to the Torah in the Land of Israel, we can connect to the Oneness of Hashem as well (Sfat Emet). However, when Israel is disconnected from its source, from the Land of Israel - the nation's roots, we are disconnected from our spiritual connection as well.

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