The Eighth Day of Channukah - Zot Channukah!

Why does the Torah state "the soles of your feet walked on this Land (Israel)" and not just state that we walked? There is a difference between sensing the land and walking.

Main topic: The significance of Zot Channukah, Channukah's eighth day. 

Rav Bigon discusses the relationship between Succot and Channukah, equating it to the relationship between the sun and the moon.

Second Topic: The tension between Yehuda and Yosef - the two stages of the Geula (redemption). Yosef and Yehuda bring two facets / stages of Mashiach - the physical and the spiritual, the individual and the total redemption. How does the story of Yosef and his brothers influence the coming of the Geula today?

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