Ramban on Shavuot: Why Does God Care What We Do?

As we approach Shavuot, Rav Frankenthal goes deeper into the Ramban's Torah of why does God care what we do? Why do we need the Torah to get closer to God?

Shavuot is the time that the People of Israel received the Torah. Ramban gives us tremendous insight into the significant of the Holiday of Shavuot, and its relevance today.  The Torah gives us commandments that help define the parameters of good and evil, the Mitzvot. Without Mitzvot, man needs to come up with those parameters, which are not always consistent and there are many questions that are not conclusive what the right decision to make is.  God gave us the Torah and its Mitzvot in order to give us a blueprint and clear guidelines to determine our moral decisions, especially in cases that are unclear and controversial. 

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