Pesach: Exodus from Egypt - Ideal of Existence Exposed - Seed of Universal Rectification

Rav Moshe Kaplan explores the deep connection between Pesach and the Final Redemption. The Shiyur discusses the development of a materialistic culture where the focus is only on what the senses perceive and the bodily needs, and  man is detached from his true, inner spirituality and content. On Pesach the world entered a new stage in history - the soul enters the world with all the spiritual DNA that will "unfold" and come to expression for the next thousands of years, preparing mankind for the light of the ideal life where moral values, holiness, goodness and justice are the center of human culture and society. This soul is the collective life force of the nation of Israel and comes to full expression with the return of the Jews back to their full national existence in the Land of Israel.

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