• Mazel Tov To our dear talmid Mechael Hasson and wife upon the birth of their 1st born son!! May Hashem bless them with many more semachot & may they merit to enter their child in the Brit of Avraham Avinu in his proper time, Amen!  

  • Mazal tov to our dear student Yonatan Ben Israel, oleh chadash from Tennessee who has been learning at the Machon for the last year and a half and married a young olah chadasha from Carmel, California- Shira Waxer. May the Chatan and kallah merit to build a faithful family based on the tenets Torah, Am Israel and Eretz Israel.

    Shira's brother, Nachum is an alumni of the Machon and is building a lovely family and working in Torah Education in the hills of Binyamin.

  • Mazal tov to our dear alumni Yaakov Visosky, from Texas, and his dear wife on the birth of their first child,

    Ilayi Yehudah

    May G-d merit them to raise their child to Torah, Chupa and good deeds!