There were many beautiful and amazing things that really stood out to me during our trip to Dolev.

The nature in the area was just breath taking, to see all the different shades of green as Rav Micha Hyman pointed out, to see the perseverance of Am Israel after such heavy fires in the region. The natural mayan and the creek next to Shlomie's kerem were purifying and I was afforded the opportunity to step aside and process my thoughts a bit.  The pruning  of the vineyard was fun and a good way of seeing the vast range of mitzvot d'orayta we are given to perform. Most of all was the AHDUT of the Machon and the Rabbanim, to have our Rosh Yeshiva meet us in the shetach to speak shows the power of togetherness and Torah in the beit midrash and the field.