Machon Meir students embarked on an all outing to the western Binyamin region. Beginning with a panoramic view of the low-land region from atop Mount Charsha, the tallest mountain in the area at 800 meters tall. After that we hiked down to Givat HaYekavim where we found wellsprings that were used in the time of the Chashmonaim and were turned into hideout tunnels. We later went to the Talmon spring were the guys got a chance to immerse themselves and get wet. 


From there we hiked to Talmon and the Dolev river where the waters were streaming in full force. We concluded our trip by visiting the large vineyard in front of the town of Dolev, where we helped the Cohen family, owners of the vineyard, pruning thousands of vines and getting the vineyard ready for the fruit to come this spring.


Western Binyamin is a beautiful region, northwest of Jerusalem. The area is rich with historical battles and strongholds, especially in the times of the Chashmonaim. In fact, many of the surrounding towns in the area are  named after the Chashmonaim period - the towns of Maccabim, Reut, Hashmonaim and Menora. 


Machon Meir prides itself in giving the students the opportunity to explore the vast areas of Eretz Israel, even in Judaea, Binyamin and Samarea, roads less travelled for many of our students.