Haftara of the week: Parshat Yitro 5777 Don’t give up Hope!

Isaiah’s first prophesy envisions the G-dly throne with seraphim angels around it, and hears the ultimate praise of the Almighty, “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh! The L-rd of Hosts! He fills all the land with His glory!”

Question: If G-d is so separate and unique, not visible to the human eye and ear, then how can His glory be visible? Rav Chanan Porat z”l, of blessed memory, explains that G-d Himself is so distinct and cannot be seen, whereas His work, might, and actions, are visible and fill the entire world. The prophet is sent on a mission and he is foretold that the generation will not listen to him until the land will be almost free of Jews. At that point they will urge themselves to repent. At that moment, Israel is likened to two Eretz Israel trees: the Elah, and the Elon. In the full season when they have no leaves no flowers and of course no fruits, they are still likened to a very strong and unique tree. They have a bark with roots. So too, the nation of Israel, no matter how bad their spiritual situation is, they are a holy seed. They carry the divine treasure which is not in their choice, they therefore remain distinct, holy and will go on to live eternally.

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