Haftara of the week: Parshat Ki Tisa 5777 {Parah}

The Sanctification of G-d's Name in the Rebirth of the Nation of Israel. Yechezkel 36:16-38

The prophet Yechezkel emphasizes how the dispersion of Jews after exile out of the land of Israel because of their sins is a desecration of G-d's Name. How is it?

The nations of the world realize this and say or ask "How could it be that the nation of G-d is not living in their country?" Therefore, G-d's plan is to end the desecration of His Name when He decides and allows the coming back of the Jewish people to their homeland. This process of redemption will begin with a physical return and gathering of the Jews to the land of Israel from amidst the countries of the world. Followed by the spiritual awakening which will be furthered by some sort of "heart transplant," which will allow the Jewish people to be enlightened spiritually to Torah and Mitzvot.

In order to allow the Jewish people to create an economic basis in the land of Israel, HaShem will provide bountiful yields in the crops and orchards.

Happy are we in our generation to see with our own eyes the beginning of the return of our people and the wonderful, almost supernatural economic and technological development that has occurred to us ever since the coming of the state of Israel. We are gracious and thankful to the G-d of Israel to witness the true beginning of our redemption!

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